YAXI For Beyerdynamic DT770 / Custom One Pro And AKG K240 / K271 Special Edition

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The YAXI replacement pads improve the comfort and the acoustics on your headphones. Not only is your headphone more comfortable to wear, for most of the headphones we try we also find a clearer and bigger sound.

Please check the product description below for compatible models, or you can come over to our store to try the fit on your headphone.

YAXI for Beyerdynamic DT770 / Custom One Pro and AKG K240 / K271 Special Edition

This product for K240 / 271 special edition to secure the distance and direction to the ear from the driver in order to capture the exact location of the sound. Stable monitoring, has been designed to focus on the environment to hear the sound.



Pad inner diameter oval (65x50mm, thickness 20mm) design that is hollowed out to. To enhance the sealing property by obscuring the ear.
The oval inner edge entirely covers your ear to keep out the outside sounds.


And moving the pad side to side, and adjusts the mounting condition to fit the ear position.
The orientation of the earpads can be adjusted along with your ears.



I at the bottom after the ear and realize that to fill the gap that sound comes out.
The good closeness of the earpads greatly reduces the sound leakage.


YAXI classic leather is easy to strongly care to exhaustion.Soft fit ideal for a continued monitoring work.
The low-consumed and high-graded leather is easy to be maintained
and the slow-rebound sponge reduces the pressure on the ears for long hours of monitoring.



Double structure of the pad inside the urethane + plastic plate. It produces a more comfortable bass.
The combination of sponge and plastic plates achieves a comfortable bass sound.


Weight54 g


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