Re:cord – PALETTE 8 – MMCX-S 3.5mm Jack For Sony XBA Series

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Re:cord – PALETTE 8 – MMCX-S 3.5mm Jack For Sony XBA Series

Re: cord “born by collaboration with” Zephone “which has already proved popular and proven in the re-cable market already under the producer of” Oyaide Electric “which is a cable maker exceeding 60 years of establishment. In this brand name, the thought that it aims at the standard of the re – cable world which is excellent in fashion and cost performance is put in it.

The first release of the “Re: cord” brand consists of 14 versions of a total of 14 different combinations of rich connector types and vivid color variations in two versions, the standard class “Palette 6” and the superior class “Palette 8” .

“Palette 6” consisting of six cable configurations develops the most common MMXC type with connector type in vivid color variation. “Palette 8” luxuriously made up of eight cable configurations, in addition to the MMCX type, various variations are prepared to meet the needs of a wider range of users.

The adopted cable is a precision conductor developed by Oyaide Electric 102 SSC. “Palette 6” directly reflects the straight and clear sound character, “Palette 8” also improves the expressive power of detail and the overall air feeling / realistic sensation.

More casual, with better sound. Let’s enjoy portable lives by “Re: cord” your favorite earphone!

To more casual, with better sound. The favorite earphone “Re: cord” and let’s look forward to the portable life with!



conductorOyaide 102 SSC
SolderOyaide SS-47
Cable twisting numberEight
Cable length1.2m
Weight65 g


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