Radius HP-NHR31 High-MFD System -VOLT- In-ear Headphones


The “NHR” line up from Radius is the mid-level products tuned for “wide genre bandwith”, offering the trio combination of bass, soundstage, and detail that you can listen to all sort of music genres.

With each upgrade from NHR11 to NHR21 and finally to the NHR31, you get an significant boost in detail level, bass impact, and soundstage performance.

Especially worth noting is the NHR31’s removable MMCX cable feature, when paired with Re:cord’s Palette 8, gives you a huge boost in soundstage size and detail level far above the price level.

For a version with built-in smartphone microphone, look at the NHA11 and NHA21.
For an Apple Lightning jack version, look at the NHL21.

Radius HP-NHR31 High-MFD System -VOLT- In-ear Headphones


nhr31_info1 Full-tuned High-MFD driver, the newest design body, while retaining the feature of heavy bass, the highest ranking model reproducing the spread of the sound field and high resolution. “HP-NHR 31”, which is the top model, performed full tuning of the driver based on a well-established driver structure to further enhance the reproducibility of diversified various high resolution sound sources. A broader bass and an expansive treble, as if the artist is playing in front of you, you will receive a realistic listening experience. The earphone section adopts a structure that confines the magnetic flux leaking from the voice coil of the dynamic driver by the repulsive magnetic force of the magnet and improves “sensitivity” and “sound quality” by increasing the magnetic flux density. The average sensitivity improves about 4 dB (compared to our company), in terms of sound quality it is excellent in transient (transient) characteristics, realizing a clear and crisp sound quality without losing detail detail from high to low frequencies. sub3_hpnhr31

Convenient portable pouch and cable clip included. You can use it for a long time to prevent breakdown and breakage of the product.


The head part and cable can be detached with the MMCX terminal. In the unlikely event, even if there is a disconnection of the cable which is one of the weaknesses of the earphone, it can be patronized long by re-cable (exchange cable).


A full tuning driver unit that realizes the spreading of realistic sound by increasing the resolution in the whole band.


Optimized diaphragm operation by bus port structure which enhances reproducibility of bass range. It transmits the solid deep bass with the core directly.


Unlike the conventional type, the deep mount earpiece has a shape that fits behind the ear, thus realizing a stable fitting feeling and rich music playback.


You can adjust the mounting position of the earpiece in two stages and adjust the sound. In addition, it is less stress to the ears by fitting firmly to your ear, and it is also ideal for long-term use such as commuting or school attendance.

ModelDynamic type
driverΦ 13.0 mm
Output sound pressure level103 ± 3 dB (@ 1 KHz / 100 mV input)
Playback frequency band5 Hz to 40000 Hz
Maximum input10 mW
Impedance17 Ω ± 15%
plugΦ3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
Cable lengthAbout 120 cm (Y type) type, nylon material
massApproximately 17 g (including cable)

Black, Red



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