Radius HP-NEF31 Earphones


The “NEF” line-up from Radius is the basic line up with a simple philosophy: good value for the money.

You start with the NEF11 with has a linear sound signature with the least bass, going up to the NEF21 which has a fuller body and a smooth midrange, to finally the NEF31 that has a strong bass, good detail, and wide soundstage.

The tuning for all three models are very good with a clean and low-distortion sound. You can consider them all as budget audiophile IEMs.


Bundle Eartips SpinFit CP-100

Earphone Case

Radius HP-NEF31 Earphones


Improve the sensitivity and sound quality “High-MFD structure”
The magnetic flux leaking from the voice coil of the dynamic drivers trapped by the repulsive force of the magnet, will improve the “sensitivity”, “quality” by increasing the magnetic flux density. The average sensitivity about 4dB improvement (our ratio), the sound quality is excellent in transient (transient) properties, from treble to bass, to deliver crisp sound quality with clear without compromising the fine-grained detail.


It adopted a ring-less diaphragm bonding method driver. It eliminates the unnecessary parts from the driver unit, a larger effective area of the diaphragm to the fullest. We realize the powerful sound than compared to the same diameter driver.


New deep mount earpiece of shape, unlike conventional, to fit earpiece is more in the back of the ear, providing a stable and rich bass reproduction and fit.


By adjustable port, it can be adjusted in two stages the mounting position of the earpiece. It enhances the bass reproduction capability by allowing firm fit in your ear.


The vibrating membrane in the driver unit, and has adopted a “super multi-layer film” you have stacked hundreds of polyester resin film. It is a high-rigidity compared to the general PET film, providing a more glittering sound quality playback.


By Double Precision Acoustic register structure, by using a structure for reducing the vibration suppression of the diaphragm to the driver unit and the housing unit, achieving a more accurate tone control.


formatDynamic type
Output sound pressure level105dB / 1mW
Play frequency band4Hz ~ 25000Hz
Maximum input200mW
plugφ3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
Cable lengthAbout 120cm (Y type)
massAbout 14g (including cable)

Black, Red, Silver



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