About Buying and Shipping from Singapore to Indonesia

Please understand that we are trying to help our customer from Indonesia. And all items will be sent directly from HeadfoniaStore.sg. Any shipping and handling will be in charge by customer risk.

Read this information regarding import tax.
1. For every shipping from Singapore to Indonesia, will be proceed by Indonesia Directorate General of Customs and Excise. They have some regulation to follow.

2. We recommend you to spent $100 below and not more then 5 item for more secure and safe shipping directly to your door. Shipping waiting time approximately up to 14 days.

3. If more than $100, you must follow the regulation.
– Document needed is NPWP and Invoice Payment.
– Go to Indonesia Post Office and directly to Indonesia Directorate General of Customs and Excise Division.
– Pay for tax and import duty.

4. This is example how to calculate the import tax.
Buy headphone with shipping to Jakarta, total amount is $250
and you must pay for:
– Import tax 7.5%
– PPh 10% if you have NPWP or 20% if you dont have NPWP
– PPn 10%

For NPWP is $250 + 7.5% + 10% + 10% = $325.18
$325.18 – $250 = $75.18 the amount you must pay in Customs

Without NPWP is $250 + 7.5% + 20% + 10% = $354.75
$354.75 – $250 = $104.75 the amount you must pay in Customs

5. We will provide tracking number and please check tracking online at: